Cribbage Games

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Cribbage Square

Our most popular cribbage solitaire game.

Pirate Cribbage

Plunder or be forced to forfeit. Challenge Polly, the Pirate or a friend.

Cribbage Joker

Compete with an opponent to make the best 3 Cribbage hands - but don't get too greedy.

Cribbage Square Collection

A collection of games derived from the popular Cribbage Square.

Cribbage Choice

Classic Cribbage Square but with 5 choices for the next card to play.

Cribbage Klondike

Classic Klondike solitaire where you make cribbage hands instead of stacks.

Cribbage Hands

A game of making cribbage hands from a random deck.

Cribbage Hexagon

Similar to Cribbage Square but on a hexagonal board.

Cribbage Circle

Card placing cribbage game on a circular game board.

Cribbage Pile

An adaptation of the classic Cribbage Square with the addition of a discard pile. Strategic discards are crucial.

Perpetual Cribbage

A cribbage hand making game. How far can you go?

Cribbage Sprawl

Classic cribbage square with a challenging constraint.

Best of Cribbage

Best of the MmpApps Cribbage Solitaire games in one package.

Cribbage Conflict

A head-to-head game of Cribbage Square where you score horizontal and your opponent scores vertical.

Cribbage Push

A pushy game of Cribbage Square.

Cribbage Layers

A cribbage hand making game. The deeper you go the higher your multiplier.

Cribbage Cache

An adaptation of the classic Cribbage Square with the addition of cache spots.

Cribbage Perfect

A perfect information game of Cribbage Solitaire.

Cribbage Dominoes

Place card dominoes on a grid. The rows and columns will score like standard cribbage hands.