Educational Games

We make a lot of fun educational games. Be careful you might learn something!

3Strike Greek Alphabet

Learn the Greek Alphabet.

Flipping Flags

Learn the flags of the worlds countries. Easy & hard modes.

3Strike Sign Language

Flashcards for learning ASL fingerspelling. A good place to start for beginners.

Pitch Grips

A training app to teach baseball players to quickly & correctly identify pitch grips.

Art Study

Famous art and famous artists guessing game. Visually stunning!

Mahjong Flags

The Mahjong tile game with flags.


Learn to identify constellations. Zodiac, Ptolemy & Modern.

Healing Crystals Database

A searchable database of healing crystal knowledge.

National Food Days

Did you know that every day is the national food day for some food? This is a reference app.


Learn to identify the elements on the periodic table by picture and location on the table.