Game Collections

A bunch of our great games in one app. Easy access to a suite of your favourite games while saving space on your device.

Best of Solitaire

A collection of only the best solitaire games.

Word Search Collection

6-in-1 collection of Word Search Games. Classic, Trivia, Crossword, Build, Dominoes, Shuffle.

Solitaire Collection

A collection of your favorite solitaire games in one no-nonsense app.

Best of Cribbage

Best of the MmpApps Cribbage Solitaire games in one package.


Classic 5-of-a-kind dice game with variants.

Word Gravity Collection

5-in-1 word games driven by gravity.

Word Puzzle Collection

8-in-1 word puzzle games.

Cribbage Square Collection

A collection of games derived from the popular Cribbage Square.

Best of Word Games

Best of the MmpApps Word Solitaire games in one package.

Best of Poker

Best of the MmpApps Poker Solitaire games in one package.

Word Square Collection

11-in-1 Word Square Games.