We have many great games that don’t fit into other categories. Check them out below.


Classic Mahjong solitaire played with tiles or cards.

Mahjong du Jour

A different set of Mahjong tiles every day.


Complete lines in this pure strategy piece placing game.

Polarity Puzzle

Connect positve to negative poles with tiles on a square grid.

Hot Air

A puzzle game where you rearrage hot air balloons.


A game of competing choices.


Addictive puzzle game played on a hexagonal board.


Rotate tiles to complete closed loops.

Mahjong Catalog

Choose from over 350 different tile sets.

Black Light

Use black light technology to decode passwords.


A game of competing choices.

ATM Hacker

Hack into an ATM machine and steal as much money as you can.

Polyominoes Fill

Fit polyominoes onto a board, completed rows are removed.

Water Hose

Connect the hyrdant to the nozzle in this tiled puzzle game.

Best of Puzzles

A collection of our best puzzle games.


Play Minesweeper on a classic square board or a hexagon board.