CONSTELLATIONS is a fun educational game, part of the Careful! You Might Learn Something series.

You won’t just learn to identify each major constellation and its position in the night sky, you’ll recall some of the mythic and scientific history behind each one.

At first you might find it challenging, but the more you play, the more you learn! As your scores improve so will your astronomical knowledge. It’s fun and maybe a bit addictive, we must confess.

So don’t blame us if you learn something. We warned you!

Stellarium was used to generate the images for this app.

Customer Reviews from the App Store

Better than those star walk apps
by Will Weinsoff

Knowing the constellations yourself is much more impressive (especially in romantic situations) then pulling out ones iPhone and looking everything up on one of those star map applications. This app teaches you the constellations so you don’t need those other apps I highly recommend this app.

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