Solitaire Games

These non-nonsense takes on traditional solitaire card games let you get straight to the fun.

Pliable Whitehead Solitaire

A unique game of Whitehead where you choose which cards start the foundation piles.

8x8 Solitaire

A unique Klondike game where empty columns only accept single cards.

Sorel Solitaire

A cross between Klondike and Spider.

Forty Devils Solitaire

A dual objective solitaire game.

Beleaguered Castle

This challenging game allows you to move only one card at a time.

Accordion Solitaire

Odd games where you remove cards from a line.

FreeCell Mixed

Classic FreeCell with mixed suit building.

Deja Vu Demons & Thieves

Devils & Thieves Solitaire with four wrapping foundations.

Whitehead Solitaire

Similar to traditional Klondike solitaire with a few subtle rule changes that make the strategy substantially different.

Miss Milligan

Similar to Spider with a unique feature, a cache column available after all the cards are dealt.

Double Canfield Solitaire

A two-deck game of Canfield. Easier than the original.

Algerian Solitaire

A double deck game where you build one set of foundations up from Aces and the other down from Kings.

Forty Burglars Solitaire

40 Thieves with 3 independent waste piles.

Spider Solitaire

The classic Spider game. Spider requires great skill and great stamina.

Taking Silk Solitaire

A two deck game with fewer tableau columns than foundation piles.

Corona Solitaire

40 Thieves but you build in any suit but matching.

Monte Carlo Solitaire

A matching game with a unique 'Push' mechanism.

Famous 50 Solitaire

This classic game would be more aptly named 50 Thieves.

Crazy Quilt Solitaire

A unique game with a distinctive tableau layout known as the weave.

Seven Devils Solitaire

A two-deck game with the tableau set up and build rules of Klondike and a seven reserve cards.

Russian Solitaire

An MmpApps original game related to Yukon.

Swiss Solitaire

Four Klondike games with oddball rules.

Deja Vu Forty Thieves

40 Thieves Solitaire with four wrapping foundations.

Spider Canfield Solitaire

Build in mixed suit, but group moves require matching suit.

Circus Solitaire

Klondike with a unique stating layout.

Harp Solitaire

A game of Double Klondike where you are restricted to single card moves.

The 40 Thieves Collection

A collection of games based on the classic.

Pyramid Solitaire

A matching game where you pair up cards that add up to 13 to remove them from play

Aces & Kings

Classic game of solitaire with the MmpApps no-nonsense card game interface.

Crescent Splay Solitaire

Crescent with the tableau piles splayed out.

Osmosis Solitaire

A classic yet bizarre game of solitaire. The 'strategic' variation is an MmpApps original.


Classic game of solitaire with the MmpApps no-nonsense card game interface.


A one-deck version of Spider.

The FreeCell Collection

A collection of games based on the classic.

Ukrainian Solitaire

Classic game of solitaire with the MmpApps no-nonsense card game interface.

Forty Thieves

A classic game where the starting layout is 40 cards known as thieves.

Busy Aces Solitaire

A classic game where you build on the tableau in stacks.

La Belle Lucie

A coy game of some strategy that's not overly easy to win.

Steps Solitaire

A two-deck Klondike game played with a traditional tableau.

Intelligence Solitaire

A two-deck version of La Belle Lucie that is hard to win.

Fanny Solitaire

A puzzle solitaire game with no restrictions on the tableau.

Mulligan Solitaire

Classic game of solitaire with the MmpApps no-nonsense card game interface.

Pumpkin Solitaire

An addictive MmpApps original game that combines mechanics from our favourite games.

Double Klondike Solitaire

A two-deck game of classic Klondike.

Rouge et Noir

A dual objective game. Move one deck onto the foundation piles. Create four in-sequence runs with the other.

Thirteen Solitaire

A classic matching game where you pair cards that sum to 13 to remove them from play.

TriPeaks Solitaire

The traditional game with its famous three pyramid tableau layout.

Scorpion Solitaire

A popular game with Yukon group moves and Spider build objectives.

Giza Solitaire

Tear down the three pyramids of Giza one card at a time.

The Klondike Collection

A collection of games based on the classic.

Best of Solitaire

A collection of only the best solitaire games.

Athena Solitaire

A Klondike game with a different starting layout.

2-Suit 40 Thieves

What if the deck only had two-suits, but still 52 cards?

Australian Solitaire

This popular game is a relative of both Scorpion and Yukon.

Gap Solitaire

Classic game where you move cards to fill the gaps on the tableau.

Eight Off Solitaire

An easier variation of FreeCell.

Baker's Dozen

A traditional fan-style complete information game with undo.

Aces Up

A simple and fast matching elimination game that is easy to learn.

Thumb & Pouch

Klondike where you build in any-but-matching suits.

Demon Solitaire

Two-deck Canfield with a large reserve.

Single Rail Solitaire

A very strategic game with a simple layout.F

Baker's Game

FreeCell with the restriction of building the tableau in matching suit.

Willow Solitaire

Four tableau columns build in like-rank.

Solitaire Collection

A collection of your favorite solitaire games in one no-nonsense app.

Yukon Solitaire

Classic game related to Klondike only groups of cards can be moved, even when they are not in-sequence.


Traditional Klondike solitaire. Play 3-Card or 1-Card.

Brazilian Solitaire

A two-deck Klondike/Spider hybrid game.

Fan Solitaire

Classic solitaire game with lots of foundation columns.

Beetle Solitaire

A variation on Spider where instead of building runs of cards you must build eight foundations.

Squadron Solitaire

An easier version of 40 Thieves.

Demons & Thieves

A double objective game that is a cross between 40 Thieves and Canfield.

Shamrocks Solitaire

Each tableau column can hold a maximum of three cards and empty columns cannot be filled.

Fifteen Puzzle

A set of unique and interesting puzzle games.

Golf Solitaire

A classic game where you work to clear away the entire tableau by building up or down in rank on the waste stack

Cruel Solitaire

When you run out of moves you can re-deal the cards but the cruel part is that they don't get shuffled just redistributed into piles of equal size.

Tarantula Solitaire

A game of Spider where any in-sequence group of cards of the Same Color Suit can be moved.

FreeCell Solitaire

The classic complete information game that is (almost) always winnable.

Beehive Solitaire

Bizarre game where you make piles of like ranked cards.

Colorado Solitaire

A winnable game that gives you enough rope to hang yourself.

2-Suit Klondike

What if the deck only had two-suits, but still 52 cards?

Congress Solitaire

A popular traditional no-frills 2 deck solitaire game where skill and careful choices win the day.

Klondike Split

Eight foundation piles, 4 build up, 4 build down.

Circle Ace

MmpApps original double deck game with the unique ability to move cards from the foundation back to the tableau.

Crescent Solitaire

Our most popular solitaire game requires skill and memory.

Canfield Solitaire

Originally a casino game from the 1890's Canfield is very difficult to win but quite popular.