Flipping Flags – Our First App on the Mac App Store

Check out our brand new Mac app Flipping Flags now available on the Mac App Store.

A fast fun way to learn the flags of the world.

Flipping Flags will test your knowledge of world flags. Given the name of the country you have make a multiple choice from a set of flags… only one is correct.

Two difficulty settings make this game fun and challenging for novices and experts.

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New Page for the 3Strike Educational Games Series!

mzl.louhvxzu.320x480-75Our 3Strike line of educational games is growing all the time. 3Strike games are fast to play and easy to use and you learn while having fun. Best of all they are all free. And not just “free but then you have to pay money to make them useful” but just FREE with unlimited play.

Get as many of the visually compelling questions correct as you can but be careful, if you get three strikes (wrong answers) then you are out.

Check out the full line of 3 Strike Apps. 15 strong and growing all the time.

Spin the Globe! Play GeoEarth


A fun way to explore Earth, wherever you are.

MMP loves to explore the earth. From the Amazon to the Himalayas, we have collectively explored earth landmarks in well over a hundred countries to date.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the release of GeoEarth, our latest fun, educational app.

GeoEarth is a fun and easy way to identify and recall important Earth landmarks, wherever you happen to be, throughout your day. Just find the pin and pick out the right answer.

Sharpen and test your knowledge against yourself or others.¬†Watch as your knowledge of the earth improve in just a few minutes every day. And it’s free!

Explore your Earth today. Download GeoEarth for free on iTunes.