Two New World Of Warcraft Apps Available

mzl.gbjnjglg.320x480-75PetGuru and MountGuru are now available on the App Store.

PetGuru – “Pet info for World of Warcraft”

MountGuru – “Mount info for World of Warcraft”

Joining our popular “WoWGuru” line of World Of Warcraft utility apps these two new apps feature everything you need to know about companion pets and character mounts. Every WoW player should have them.

They join our existing World Of Warcraft apps (all updated with the latest Mist Of Pandaria data):

RareSpawnZ – For Finding World of Warcraft Rare Mobs

MapGuru – “Maps from World of Warcraft”

GemGuru – “For World of Warcraft gems”

EnchantGuru – “For World of Warcraft enchants”

RecipeGuru – “A Recipe Tracker for World of Warcraft”

Check out our new iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch apps for World of Warcraft

Our new companion apps for World Of Warcraft help you easily and quickly find the information you need to get the best enchants and gems for your character. Best of all they are free on the iTunes App Store.



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