Pumpkin Solitaire

Try out our great new game Pumpkin Solitaire. It is an MmpApps original combining the best features of several great traditional solitaire card games to make a new game that is super fun and more than a little bit addictive. Pumpkin solitaire relies on skill and with skillful play you can increase your winning percentage quite significantly.

Try it free on the App Store!

For those players who have tried it and had problems on their iPhone 5, 5C or 5S this update fixes the bug that was screwing things up so update and all should be working as expected.

New MmpApps Web Site!

TempHeaderIf it feels like it’s been a really long time since we last updated our web site then you are correct. It has been. At MmpApps we have been far more focused on building great new apps and keeping our existing apps up to date rather than updating our web site. However we finally found the time to make a new web site that will always stay up to date with links to all of our latest apps.

How can we say that which such certainty? Won’t we just get too busy building great games like Black Light, Birth Control and HexaGone and forget to update our site? No we won’t and the reason is that we are now dynamically generating our site. New updates to the site are automatically made every time we publish a new app so make sure you check back often for all the latest.

Not only that but we have built our new site with all the latest technologies to be fast loading and mobile responsive so it will look great no matter what device you are using.

Besides the app listings the rest of the site is still a bit of a work in progress but it is a vast improvement over our old site. If you have feedback or comments on the new site please visit the About/Support page.

Even more updates and a super special limited time offer!!!

Not only have we released a bunch of cool new apps we haven’t forgotten about our older apps. We have been hard at work and updates for almost every app we have ever made are already live in the App Store or arriving in the very near future.

Plus for a limited time we are having a special in-app purchase sale. When you download the latest update you will get all the in-app purchases for that app unlocked for FREE. That means no more level cap in Birth Control – The Game! That means being able to play against the master himself Wild Bill in Dead Man’s Hand and many more all for free!

This applies to new apps as well so you should stock up now while the sale is on and get all of our apps for free.

Other new features in the latest updates include:

iOS7 compatibility fixes

Updated backend code to make all the apps lighter weight and more efficient

New data for the latest World of Warcraft patch 5.4 added to the WoWGuru apps

Download on the App Store

Welcome BossGuru! The latest WoWGuru app

All of our World Of Warcraft  WoWGuru apps have been recently updated with the latest content and we have a new addition to the family Boss Guru. The enhanced offline Dungeon Journal.


The enhanced offline Dungeon Journal for World of Warcraft.

When logged into WoW I want to be playing not reading. Reading is for places like the bus, school or work wink. This app contains the Dungeon Journal for WoW so you can read up on bosses when you can’t be logged into the game.

It also has all the dungeon and raid maps, boss locations, and links to strategy and loot. You also get to watched streamed YouTube videos of the boss fights. A one-stop shop for Boss knowledge.

All of our other World Of Warcraft apps have all been updated for Mists Of Pandaria too.

You can get them all on the App Store, FREE! Available for iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad:


Helps you track down rare spawn mobs on a zone by zone basis. RareSpawnZ shows you the location of all known rare spawn (silver dragon) mobs in the game. They are organized by zone and fully searchable.

Happy hunting.


Crazy about pets in WoW? So are we. This app will let you explore all the stats of every pet in the game and let you see which ones your characters have.

This app is all about World of Warcraft pets. PETGURU contain detailed information on battle powers, locations and spawn points for 551 WoW pets including wild pets, vendor pets, quest pets, achievement pets and reward pets.


It’s like PetGuru but for mounts. Ever wondered what that crazy looking flaming dragon thing that guy in Stormwind was riding? Well you can find it here.

MountGuru will help you manage and expand you mount collection. With detailed information on 390 in-game mounts including images and tips on how to obtain them.


Helps you find the perfect enchant for your new gear.

EnchantGuru is a utility app that helps you find the perfect enchant for your World of Warcraft toon. You can build a filter based on your spec, play style and chosen professions, then see which enchants are recommended. Or simply browse all the enchants available.


Makes it easy to find the best gem for your character.

GemGuru is a utility app that helps you find the perfect gem for your World of Warcraft toon. You can customize a priority list based on your spec and play style, then see which gems are recommended. Or simply browse all the gems available.


Lets you explore the world of World Of Warcraft when you can’t get online.

Another Guru app to enhance your World of Warcraft experience. MapGuru provides offline access to all the maps in WoW, so you can view them wherever and whenever you want.


Lets you see what crafting recipes you may be missing and how to get them.

RecipeGuru contains all the crafting recipes in the game. Simply by specifying your toon’s name and realm (no login info required) you can check which recipes you are missing. Then research where to find the recipe, and track your progress. Perfect if your toon wants to learn all the available recipes for his/her chosen crafting professions.


QuestGuru, the ultimate quest tracker for World of Warcraft, is back! Rewritten from the ground up and up-to-date with all the latest information on all WoW quests including those from the latest expansion Mists of Pandaria.

In addition to being able to browse all of the quests currently in the game you can also track quests completed by each of your characters (no login information required) by simply entering the name and realm of the toon you want to track. It will show you which quests you are eligible for, which quests you have completed* and which quests you haven’t.

Get them all free on the app store

*Our apps are in no way endorsed or associated with Blizzard Entertainment or World of Warcraft. The imagery used in the app is copyright Blizzard Entertainment who reserve all rights.

New Page for the 3Strike Educational Games Series!

mzl.louhvxzu.320x480-75Our 3Strike line of educational games is growing all the time. 3Strike games are fast to play and easy to use and you learn while having fun. Best of all they are all free. And not just “free but then you have to pay money to make them useful” but just FREE with unlimited play.

Get as many of the visually compelling questions correct as you can but be careful, if you get three strikes (wrong answers) then you are out.

Check out the full line of 3 Strike Apps. 15 strong and growing all the time.

Two New World Of Warcraft Apps Available

mzl.gbjnjglg.320x480-75PetGuru and MountGuru are now available on the App Store.

PetGuru – “Pet info for World of Warcraft”

MountGuru – “Mount info for World of Warcraft”

Joining our popular “WoWGuru” line of World Of Warcraft utility apps these two new apps feature everything you need to know about companion pets and character mounts. Every WoW player should have them.

They join our existing World Of Warcraft apps (all updated with the latest Mist Of Pandaria data):

RareSpawnZ – For Finding World of Warcraft Rare Mobs

MapGuru – “Maps from World of Warcraft”

GemGuru – “For World of Warcraft gems”

EnchantGuru – “For World of Warcraft enchants”

RecipeGuru – “A Recipe Tracker for World of Warcraft”

Big Web Site Update In Progress

If you happen to visit the site and you see it is looking a little bit weird well that is because we are in the middle of a big web site update. We are trying to get the site updated to all the latest technology and add all the latest information about all of our latest apps.

We have been very busy making new apps and updating existing ones so there is a lot to catch up on so it may take a few days (Ok maybe more than a few days. It seems we have made so many new apps that it might take weeks!). Thank you in advance for your patience.

Spin the Globe! Play GeoEarth


A fun way to explore Earth, wherever you are.

MMP loves to explore the earth. From the Amazon to the Himalayas, we have collectively explored earth landmarks in well over a hundred countries to date.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the release of GeoEarth, our latest fun, educational app.

GeoEarth is a fun and easy way to identify and recall important Earth landmarks, wherever you happen to be, throughout your day. Just find the pin and pick out the right answer.

Sharpen and test your knowledge against yourself or others. Watch as your knowledge of the earth improve in just a few minutes every day. And it’s free!

Explore your Earth today. Download GeoEarth for free on iTunes.