Big Web Site Update In Progress

If you happen to visit the site and you see it is looking a little bit weird well that is because we are in the middle of a big web site update. We are trying to get the site updated to all the latest technology and add all the latest information about all of our latest apps.

We have been very busy making new apps and updating existing ones so there is a lot to catch up on so it may take a few days (Ok maybe more than a few days. It seems we have made so many new apps that it might take weeks!). Thank you in advance for your patience.

Spin the Globe! Play GeoEarth


A fun way to explore Earth, wherever you are.

MMP loves to explore the earth. From the Amazon to the Himalayas, we have collectively explored earth landmarks in well over a hundred countries to date.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the release of GeoEarth, our latest fun, educational app.

GeoEarth is a fun and easy way to identify and recall important Earth landmarks, wherever you happen to be, throughout your day. Just find the pin and pick out the right answer.

Sharpen and test your knowledge against yourself or others. Watch as your knowledge of the earth improve in just a few minutes every day. And it’s free!

Explore your Earth today. Download GeoEarth for free on iTunes.

Arrrrrgh Matey: New Pirate Games!

Pirate Poker

Just in time for International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy! Dere be some new games from MMP Apps today.

Actually there’s so many of them it’s hard to keep up. That’s how things roll at MMP.

But today being International Talk Like A Pirate Day we’re celebrating  the release of two new pirate games.

Pirate Poker is the new game for brave souls who take great risks for high reward.

Draw as often as ye dare but beware! Should your hand fail to improve it’s off the plank with ye!

Play against other landlubbers on Game Center or against the dread pirate Pirate – or his Parrot. Who do ye think is better?

Download it free for #InternationalTalkLikeAPirateDay!

 Pirate Cribbage

But can ye beat the parrot?

In Pirate Crib ye likewise draw as many times as ye wish to make yer cribbage hands – but take care to plunder yer treasure before Polly swoops in to take it all.

Additional points for talking like a pirate against all your opponents.

Download it free on iTunes for International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

More New Games!

Oh Craps!! A dicey solitaire game to make you !&@

Don’t play in polite company!


Oh Dominoes!! A Domino placing solitaire game

Classic dominoes with a twist.


Race Trax  – Make Racetracks Puzzle Game

Three strikes to keep your license.


Torus Dice  – A game of solitaire with dice

A dice game with no limits.


Also Poker Square and Cribbage Square have been updated with Match Play. Play a game of Cribbage Square or Poker Square against your friend or an opponent found over Game Centre using the same deck at the same time and see who plays it better.

More new releases coming soon!

Web Site Updated!

It is pretty hard to keep the web site up to date with the pace of our new app releases but we are getting there!

Check out the new menu bar above for links to info about all of our new apps including:

Two great new solitaire card games: Poker Square and Cribbage Square

And new World Of Warcraft apps: QuestGuru, RecipieGuru, MapGuru and RareSpawnZ

Links to find all of our apps on the Apple iTunes App Store are here:

Check out our new iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch apps for World of Warcraft

Our new companion apps for World Of Warcraft help you easily and quickly find the information you need to get the best enchants and gems for your character. Best of all they are free on the iTunes App Store.



Our apps are not affiliated with or endorsed by World Of Warcraft or Blizzard Entertainment.


We are pleased to announce the launch of the Careful! You Might Learn Something series of apps for your iPod Touch and iPhone, now available at the iTunes App Store.

Careful! You Might Learn Something apps are a handy, fun way to hone and test your scientific, geographical and cultural knowledge, anywhere anytime. You can learn more about them here on the website or just download them from iTunes and try them out for yourself.

Coming soon: Careful! You Might Learn Something for the iPad. These bigger, more detailed versions of each of our apps are just around the corner.  The maps, charts and tables and of course the art! all look fantastic on the iPad and make it even easier to appreciate and learn.

Please stay tuned, there are lots more exciting developments just around the corner.